For the past year I have been very excited about this idea of being able to make money from anywhere I happen to be in the world. It excites me because of the opportunities it allows for spending time with my children and loved ones. I also really like to vacation, Disney world has been my favorite!

After High School I joined the U.S. Army, I spent a little over 10 years in the military never really satisfied. I changed my job title 3 times in order to find something I felt passionate about. I was never able to spark any real passion. I then went through an ugly divorce, and decided to get out of the military so that I would be able to spend time with my children on a regular basis.

So I guess the next thing to experience in life was college. I started off by studying to be an elementary school teacher, I very quickly realized that the work/reward of a teachers salary wouldn’t support the lifestyle I wanted to live. I then switched my major to exercise science, but about a semester after that I ran into a snag with finances and had to drop out.

I have been working in a factory for the past three years, many weeks working 60-70hrs. I have had enough money to enjoy a basic life, but not enough to do the extra things such as vacationing to my favorite place (Disney) without going into even more debt. Let alone have the time or energy to enjoy my hobbies.

I finally had enough of the negative emotions surrounding a life that was less than what I dreamed of, and decided to start living the life of my dreams!